The time has come for the May Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday). We will meet in the Potocki Palace on 20 May to spend a day full of slowness and taking care of ourselves together. Aga Kozak will talk to our guests about bird watching, chocolate and intuition. We will also traditionally relax during the workshops. We will wake up slowly with the Slavic Gymnastics and have the after-relaxation with ‘Rozluźnianki’. Coffee and tasty snacks will be on offer. Come, learn something new and spend some time with wonderful people! Kraków5020 is the organiser of the event and KBF is the event’s partner. The info about access passes will be available soon – make sure to follow our social media.

We start the day at 9.00 am with the practice of Slavic gymnastics with Sylwia Henslok. Slavic gymnastics according to the Belarussian tradition is a holistic method of bodywork. While performing 27 exercises dedicated to women only, we will stabilise the head and body, straighten the posture, strengthen the spine, buttocks, thighs, joints and tighten the shoulders. Shortly speaking, we will properly reinforce the entire body and improve proprioceptive sensation also called the ‘body awareness’. We will activate our intuition and feel how our bodies become the source of our power and wisdom.

At 11.00am, we will talk about birds over the morning coffee! A meeting with Maciej Zdziarski, an author, and Maksymilian Dobroczyński, a photographer, will be focused around the book entitled Na Skrzydłach. O Ludziach, Ptakach i Radości Życia (On Wings. About People, Birds and the Joy of Life). It is an exceptional book in which Maciej Zdziarski, a journalist and a budding bird enthusiast, talked to Polish bird watchers, i.e. those passionate about watching birds. They talked about their unconventional passion, how it changed their life and what they value in it most. Maciej Zdziarski leads us through their world describing various bird species, people who observe them and the joy this passion brings them. We will get inspired by these stories during the Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday). Who knows? Maybe will encourage us to start our own bird-watching adventure.

The slow afternoon at 2.00pm will be sweet again! We will talk about chocolate with Krakow confectioner Konrad Tota and chef Michał Cienki. Is it true that everyone loves it? What is it really? How should it be treated to offer what is best in it? What shouldn’t we surely do with it? How does it influence us: does it really improve the mood and is it an aphrodisiac? Two people who know everything there is to know about chocolate will answer these questions. During the talk, we will also learn how wonderful and beautiful chocolate wonders are made: fudges, pralines, cakes and desserts!

At the last discussion panel at 5.00pm, we will talk to Matylda Gerber, a scientist and a saxophone player, the author of the book titled Intuicja. Przewodnik dla lubiących rozkminiać bez bólu (Intuition. A Guide for Those who Like to Ponder without Pain). The slow conversation will tackle everything worth knowing about intuition and ways of using it. Is intuition the ‘sixth sense’ or is it something we can study and work on? Aga Kozak will talk to our guest who is proving that intuition is something we can study. They will talk about its multidimensionality, when its hints are correct, when they lead us astray and what it depends on. Together we will learn about the huge potential of intuition and try to integrate such knowledge with our own lives.

The Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) will end with the relaxation at 7.00pm: the workshop with a personal trainer, fitness and dancing instructor, TRE® provider and acupuncturist: Anka Hostyńska. We will relax together during ‘rozluźnianki’ (loosenings up) as our guest calls her original classes. We will learn how to reduce stimulation in the nervous system through body movement, how to feel your body and feel grounded in it. We will relax by doing exercises to stretch, loosen up, activate cranial nerves and by moving to music. We will learn bodywork tools to cope with the stresses of everyday life, to help shed tension after a long day/week at work and to facilitate self-expression.

The curator of Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) is Aga Kozak, a teacher of good life, mentor, journalist and personal development coach. The info about access passes will be available soon! The entrance to Po\wolna Pobudka (Slow Waking Up) and Po\relaks (After Relaxation) from 2, Bracka Street (intercom No. 5, KBF). A mat and training equipment will be available during both workshops. A comfortable outfit is recommended in which you can participate in any part of the program.

Event terms and conditions:

Kraków5020 is the organiser of the event and KBF is the event’s partner.