The Krakow Mountain Festival has been uniting the mountain community more than any climbing forum, group or portal for 20 years. It is an opportunity to meet in person, a thing worth highlighting these days. The number of views or likes or any figures are not important because we unite in the pleasure we get from being on the move, touching the rock, from the ice axe’s pick immersed in the ice as well as in our ambitions, challenges as well as our nomadic and rebellious lifestyle. KFG is a unique film festival and the climbers’ summary of the year.

The 20th Krakow Mountain Festival will take place in its traditional format in the ICE Krakow Congress Centre on 10-11 December. Additionally, an online festival platform will be available at after the festival, i.e. from 12.12 to 15.01.2023.

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Since the beginning of the festival, the biggest climbing website in Poland,, has been responsible for the content and meticulous selection of festival events. However, an important anniversary brings great responsibility. Will KFG organisers manage to jump over the bar that has been systematically raised for the last 20 years? Let us see the highlights of the program.

20th Krakow Mountain Festival – GUESTS

More than 20 guests will visit the Festival this year, some of them coming from abroad, e.g. Mélissa Le Nevé, Hans Kammerlander, Stefan Glowacz, Michaił Fomin and Nikita Bałabanow, Peter Peru Chrzanowski and the star of the Slegato film, Alfredo Webber. Polish guests will also talk about their this year’s achievements, e.g. Karolina Ośka and Michał Czech, Maciej Bedrejczuk, Paweł Karczmarczyk, Piotr Sułowski, Wadim Jabłoński, Filip Babicz, Maciej Kimel, Piotr Krzyżowski and Mariusz Hatala.

20th Krakow Mountain Festival. Films

Traditionally, there will be two film competitions during the festival, a Polish one and an international one. The audience will see more than 40 films on the big screen with Polish subtitles. Most interesting productions in individual categories will get the prestigious KFG film award. Films will be judged by a distinguished panel including two winners of the International Alliance for Mountain Film Grand Prize, Dariusz Załuski and Kieth Partridge who will be supported by Piotr Głowacki, Marcin Polar and Monika Witkowska. The audience will also choose their favourite film.

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20 20th Krakow Mountain Festival. Prizes

The Kraków Mountain Award and the Kraków Climbing Award are awards for climbers given to the authors of interesting passages (climbing and mountaineering) in the past season as well as highlighting achievements in their career to date. The Festival also awards legends of rock climbing; this year, the Lifetime Achievement 2022 will be granted to Stefan Glowacz. Jerry Moffat and Ben Moon are previous winners.

20th Krakow Mountain Festival. Workshops, fair

As every year, workshops focusing on climbing, mountaineering, avalanche, skydiving as well as self-rescue and first aid will also be an important element of the KFG. Mountain rescuers and qualified instructors will host approximately 15 workshops and training sessions this year.

A fair is a nice addition to the Festival weekend; since KFG was moved to the spacious interiors of ICE Krakow, it has more and more to offer and is a great opportunity for pre-Christmas shopping for gifts for climbers and mountain enthusiasts.


The 20th KFG will take place in the modern ICE Krakow Congress Centre on 10-11 December 2022 (pic. ICE Kraków)

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