You are invited to the Sunday Story, i.e. another edition of the cycle of meetings taking place in the Wyspiański Pavilion. A workshop during which we will give a new life to your clothes will take place in Krakow Story at 11.00 am on 26 March. The workshop will be led by Pat Guzik, the fashion section curator at Krakow Story. 

Approximately 56 tonnes of clothes are bought worldwide every year. Approximately 2.5 tonnes of textile waste are discarded every year in Poland, half of which is not recyclable. We are buying more and more and throwing more and more away. The data demonstrates that as much as 87% of textile waste worldwide is not reused but finds its way to landfills or incineration plants. However, 60% of clothes could be reused and approximately 35% could be remade or transformed.

We will meet in the Wyspiański Pavilion on 26 March to talk about sustainable fashion, slow design and circular fashion. Thanks to Pat Guzik, we will learn what reconstruction, upcycling and zero waste are about and how to positively influence the fashion industry and prolong the lifecycle of your clothes at the same time. We will learn the thermal transfer technique and the basics of embroidery during the workshop. With these techniques, you will breathe new life into old clothes in a creative way!

Each participant will get an embroidery kit, which will allow you to choose your own unique embroidery and thermal transfer pattern. Take your destroyed or damaged (stains, holes, etc.) cotton clothes with you and we will mend it creatively with Pat!

Remember – small steps make a big difference!

Registration to the workshop will start at 11.00 am on 20 March. How can you register?

  • Write to us to, with the following text in the subject line of the message:  ‘The second life of clothes’.
  • Provide your full name in the body of the message.
  • You will get a confirmation e-mail.
  • Now you’re registered!


One e-mail can be used to register one person only.

Registrations will be based on the order in which applications are received and places are limited.

If you fail to sign up we will put you on the reserve list and as soon as a place becomes available you will be informed.

Pat Guzik

Pat’s case is the story about how slow is great and patience pays off. As a philosophy graduate from the Pedagogical University of Krakow and the School of Art and Fashion Design, Pat was looking for her path in vibrant Hong Kong and Los Angeles in order to return to Krakow after her first great successes and continue her career at home. She combines her international experience and inspirations with social responsibility: her work is based on local fabrics, she works with local sewing rooms, does not use leather or fur and designs to maximise the use of materials. She reportedly relaxes in the same way she creates, i.e. in the spirit of eco and slow – we wanted to confirm this but she never picks up her phone in the countryside. And this is how one should live and create!

The workshop will take place in Kraków Story in the Wyspiański Pavilion at 2, All Saints’ Square, at 11.00 am on 26 March. Admission is free and the registration to the event will start on 20 March.

All the events in Kraków Story are brought to you by the city of Kraków and Kraków5020.