Kraków is famous for its cafés, and is even recognised by many to as the “café capital of Poland”. At Kraków Story, we are aiming to ensure that this reputation is maintained and stronger than before. Therefore, on behalf of Filip Bartelak, curator of the coffee section of Kraków Story, we invite you to a cupping of Kraków coffee roasters. The meeting will feature coffees from three of Kraków’s artisan roasters. Cupping will take place on 16 July at Kraków Story in the Wyspiański Pavilion from 11am to 2pm.

Many people believe that the best coffee comes from Italy… However, few are aware that coffee does not grow in Italy and the raw material is brought to Italy from distant countries lying between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This raw material is shipped in containers, which are then unpacked and the bags of green coffee are sent to the roaster, where the coffee is roasted. To the roasters in Italy, but also in Poland! – Filip Bartelak emphasises.

Overwhelmed by the flavours of the West, we often fail to notice that we have great quality right under our noses. The Poles have a very strong position in the “coffee world” – we have baristas who are world champions, we have sensory and head judges who assess the best coffee and baristas worldwide, we have excellent specialists working behind bars all over Poland and, finally, we have perfect (often superior in quality to those in other parts of Europe) coffee roasters. In the vicinity of Kraków alone, we counted more than 16 of them! Did anyone expect this at all? – adds Bartelak, the curator of the coffee section at Kraków Story.

Cup tasting is a type of technique used by sensory experts to assess the type and quality of both the aroma and taste of infusion of roasted coffee beans. The “cupping of Kraków’s coffee roasters” event will present 3 roasters, their coffees and the differences between them. In the first part, we will learn about the cupping procedure – what it is, how it is carried out, what it is used for. The roasters will then have time to present their business and the coffee they offer. The presentation will be followed by a practical part. Everyone who comes will be able to taste different types of coffee and choose the best one for themselves.

The meeting will be chaired by Filip Bartelak, the curator of the coffee section of the Kraków Story, among other things, a certified sensory judge and judge at international barista competitions and the World Barista Championships. During the cupping, coffees from three of Kraków’s artisan roasters will be presented: Coffee Proficiency, a roaster of speciality coffees, i.e. coffees of the highest, uncompromising quality, Roastains , a roaster specialising in  single origincoffees, i.e. coffees that are homogeneous – sourced from one place on earth (one country, one region, one plantation), and Karma Coffee Roaster, a roaster run by Marta Hausner and Bartek Kozina who develop their passion for fair trade and sustainably grown coffee. The cupping will showcase coffees from different corners of the world, such as Kenya, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Guatemala. All of them will also be available for sale.

Cupping of Kraków’s coffee roasters

16 July 2023, 11.00am – 2.00pm

Kraków Story, pl. Wszystkich Świętych 2

Free entry