Can fashion and environmental concerns go hand in hand? We will find it out both in theory and in practice on 8 October at a workshop in Kraków Story. Gosia Grodzka, the owner of the Maruna brand and sustainable fashion designer, will talk about upcycling, i.e. how to transform recycled materials into real wonders. Pat Guzik, the curator of the Fashion in Kraków Story section, invites you to the workshop.



Gosia Grodzka is a Kraków-based designer who has been running the upcycled brand Maruna since 2008. She also cooperates with other Polish brands and institutions, designing accessories and clothes for them in the spirit of Zero Waste and conducting workshops promoting upcycling.

“Our products are made from a minimum of 90% recycled materials. We use second-hand clothes, tents, curtains, car belts, recycled items. We minimised the purchase of new materials to almost zero. We make the linings from sewing waste. I have always found it more inspiring and fulfilling to stitch and rework old clothes than to sew from off-the-shelf materials, even though producing from recycled ones is much more difficult, labour-intensive and often more expensive”, Gosia Grodzka emphasises.

How does it work? “We search for garments in the material we are interested in, wash them, check them for stains and damage, cut them out and sew them. The most enjoyable part is designing – sketching, matching materials, colours. Later, it remains to stitch the prototype. This is accompanied by a feeling of impatience and curiosity. – Gosia Grodzka adds.


Everyone can succumb to the charm of upcycling at a workshop in Kraków Story on 8 October. By painting, embroidering or sewing, we will find out how to breathe new life into seemingly unnecessary clothes and items. During the workshop, each participant will bring their own clothes, but will also be able to choose something from the clothes prepared especially for the workshop.

Story Studio: Upcycling or recycled wonders

8 October 2023, 11am – 2pm Tickets for the event, at a price of PLN 30, are available from Kraków Story from 29 September.