In view of the false information appearing in the media space regarding Kraków5020 and unduly undermining its credibility as a business partner, I would like to state that, irrespectively of the resolutions adopted by the Krakow City Council on 26 April on Kraków5020 sp. z o.o., i.e. Resolution No. CIX/2965/23 and Resolution No. CIX/2945/23, the Company continues to operate as before and provide services of general economic interest entrusted to it.

In particular, the Company successfully manages the ICE Krakow Congress Centre where congresses, conferences, galas, artistic events and meetings are continuously held and future events are planned to be held in line with the accepted bookings and the schedule.

In order to out the necessary actions to be taken as a result of the implementation of the said Resolutions adopted by the Krakow City Council on 11 May 2023, I signed the Order No. 1229/2023 on the establishment of a Task Team for the purpose of preparing the implementation of Resolution No. CIX/2965/23 of the Krakow City Council of 26 April 2023 on the dissolution of KRAKÓW5020 spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with the registered office in Krakow and Resolution No. CIX/2945/23 of the Krakow City Council of 26 April 2023 on the establishment of lines of action for the President of the City of Krakow regarding liquidation of Kraków5020 sp. z o.o.

President of the City Of Krakow

Jacek Majchrowski

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