The female quartet LOR from Kraków plays indie folk, although girls preferred to take from the word “folklore” only the second syllable. The band is made up of Paulina Sumera, Julia Skiba, Julia Błachuta and Jagoda Kudlińska. Their characteristic features are poetic lyrics and references to the Slavic culture.

Girls from the LOR band met at a music school in Kraków. They debuted as teenagers in 2015. Their first song “Windmill” attracted the attention of several hundred thousand YouTube users, as well as journalists and promoters. The band performed at Open’er, Spring Break and OFF Festival.

As part of the PLAY MUSIC series, the artists talk to Piotr Metz about their experiences of creating in Poland and London (where several of them study) and their home city of Kraków: “We owe a great deal to our education in Kraków, without which we wouldn’t have been able to make up an artistic career,” emphasises Julia Błachuta. “Krakow has prepared us for London,” adds Jagoda Kudlińska.

The artists also talk about working on their latest album Panny młode, which is about their entry into adulthood, accelerated by the events of recent months in the world. Promoting the album, the band played the single “PAM PAM PAM” live in the PLAY KRAKÓW studio.

PLAY MUSIC is a series hosted by music journalist Piotr Metz. He invites artists associated with Kraków and stars who have enchanted Kraków audiences: “As a native Krakow incorrigible music patriot, I believe firstly that the music created here represents a different state of mind, and secondly that the best moment in the history of Polish popular and less popular music was at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s precisely at the foot of the Wawel Castle. Professor Krzysztof Penderecki. Demarczyk, Grechuta, Jamble, Skaldowie, Zdrój Jana and Kurylewicz, Stańko, Seifert and Makowicz. And a whole lot of others. I invite you to listen to my talks to Kraków musicians of all generations: from Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz to debuting Wiktoria Zwolińska. They represent all genres: from jazz to EDM and hip-hop”.

The PLAY MUSIC series creates a new story about the city, in line with the Kraków’s brand communication strategy.

Material available at from 13:00 on 5 July 2023.