In Kraków5020, we support new technologies, especially those created for the meetings and events industry. This time, we made the interior of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre available for testing an application that can be used during congresses, events and conferences.

We know that digital products are also the future of the meetings industry. Already today, it is impossible to imagine a trip without the possibility of online room reservations, and event organisers are also turning their attention to the possibility of holding meetings in a hybrid format. However, the opportunities to use technology in the meetings and events industry do not end there, and Kraków5020 is joining in the development and testing of new solutions. Vasco electronic translators were tested at InfoKraków points and as part of the Kraków Network project we co-organised programming marathons or regular meetings of the start-up community #OMGKRK.


The company has now become a partner of the MeetAR application developed by Meetlify involving the use of augmented reality for communication and networking at congresses, events and conferences. The application was tested in one of the best facilities of its kind in Central Europe, and a very challenging building from the MeetAR developers’ point of view.

The experiment at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre was carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences.