It is not a coincidence that Krakow5020 focuses on the development of strategic assumptions of new hospitality with its partners and interested parties this week. 27 September was the World Tourism Day – the best opportunity to think who tourists are for us today, how to diagnose and respond to their needs and in what language to communicate in order to fulfil Krakow’s cultural and business missions more effectively.

On that day, a strategic workshop took place in the ICE Krakow Congress Centre and participants in the Krakow Network reflected together on the development of the project. The event was reported by the PLAY KRAKOW NEWS team:

‘Krakow is a city that wants to communicate coherently with its residents, tourists, business people and those who come here for education. We redefine the concept of hospitality, enriching it by including cultural codes that respond to the challenges of our times’, Izabela Błaszczyk, the President of the Management Board of Krakow5020, the operator of ICE Krakow and the Krakow Network explains.

What is new hospitality? What should the cooperation with interested parties be like in practice, and what about the city’s communication that responds to contemporary needs? What direction should the Krakow Network project follow to actively support the new hospitality assumptions? Carolina Pietyra, the strategist and service designer leading the workshop helped answer these questions.

And, on Thursday 29 September, we will talk about the management of urban tourism, Krakow’s cultural offer and stages of operationalization of the Sustainable Tourism Policy in Krakow for 2021-2028 at the Tourism Forum. We will meet the Polish Tourist Organisation, Małopolska Tourist Organisation, Poznań Local Tourist Organisation, Polish Chamber of Tourism and the Krakow Chamber of Tourism among others in the Potocki Palace.