We invite all those interested in modern community centres to participate in the Modern Space of Culture conference. The organiser of the conference if the Foundation of the Krakow University of Technology, a member of the Kraków Network while Kraków5020 is a partner of the event. Izabela Błaszczyk, the Company President, is one of the panellists at the conference.

Topics such as raising funds for development, professional organisation of events, the use of modern technology in cultural centres with an emphasis on energy efficiency, as well as a debate on the vision of cultural centres of the future will be discussed during the conference. It will be an excellent opportunity to share the experience and network with community centres, companies and experts working in culture.

Structure of the event

The conference will be divided into two parts. Presentations will cover three areas: raising funds for culture, modern technologies for use in cultural activities and the effective organisation of cultural events.  The second part of the event will consist of workshops with a great dose of specialist knowledge intended for those who wish to study in detail a particular aspect of the activities and development of a cultural institution.

New opportunities

The purpose of the Modern Space of Culture conference is to inspire the participants and offer them new tools, knowledge and technologies. These components will enable the effective use of cultural spaces as venues for meetings, artistic and cultural activities. The conference is supposed to help cultural institutions adapt to changing needs and expectations of the public.

Its purpose is also to demonstrate how to reduce energy consumption by using modern technologies. Cultural institutions will have an opportunity to share knowledge and experience, establish contacts in the industry, share their best practices and solutions that will show new paths of growth. An important element of the event will be to raise awareness of the organisation of cultural events from the design stage, through preparation to the execution itself, with a particular focus on cost optimisation, which is increasingly important with the ever-increasing cost of services and goods.

The event is addressed to directors, managers and employees of technical departments in theatres, institutions and community centres who are looking for new ways to develop their institutions.

More info about the conference: przyszlosckultury.pl