Krakow5020 is a municipal company established by the Krakow City Council, separated in line with the law from the Krakow Festival Office (KBF). The issues of the division of the KBF, also from a legal point of view, and of the cooperation between institutions were the subject of a press conference organised by the Krakow City Council, Krakow5020 and KBF.

‘Many questions have arisen around the Krakow5020, especially with regard to the division of KBF assets’, Jacek Majchrowski, President of the City of Krakow, said. ‘We meet to stress that the entire procedure is executed in line with the laws.’
‘Everything that happens around the company and the division of KBF is in line with the law’, Izabela Błaszczyk, the President of Krakow5020 said. ‘The company was established pursuant to a resolution adopted by the City Council. The City Council has defined the objectives of the company and these objectives are followed by the assets and intangible content that we are to take over from KBF. This is not an easy process but it is executed in the cooperation with the Krakow Festival Office.’

‘We are in the process of transferring assets to the company’, Carolina Pietyra, KBF Director, said. ‘When it comes to tax issues, we will only be able to determine the tax amount after the value of such assets has been defined. However, the tax will be recoverable.’
Lawyer Mirosław Chrapusta also participated in the conference and confirmed the legal compliance of the entire process of valuation and transfer of KBF assets to Krakow5020. ‘The Krakow Festival Office operates as an institution of culture, which creates great limitations when it comes to commercial activities. Krakow5020 was established to avoid these limitations.’
Izabela Błaszczyk and Carolina Pietyra have promised to cooperate extensively on both the division and on subsequent projects.