After two previous editions held online, we can finally meet in person at the WSEI Campus and finally experience a real hackathon atmosphere again! On 16-17 December 2022, we will meet at the event that will make it possible to meet interesting and inspiring young people, have a taste of the creative idea generation climate and persistent work on the development of applications, experience the ingenuity of young people and create a space for professional business networking and forging new partnerships. Three previous editions of Sheep Your Hack attracted 500 participants, 50 mentors and jurors, countless sponsors and partners; our community has been growing stronger year on year and the hackathon is becoming one of the most recognisable events in Poland!


SHEEP YOUR HACK is the 4th edition of the 24-hour programming marathon initiated by the Krakow College of Economics and Computer Science to create an MVP business application. The event is a contest in which, over the course of 24 hours, young people (18-26 years old) from a variety of academic and high school backgrounds, working in teams of 2-6 people, are tasked with creating an MVP business application that has the potential to enter the market.

The year’s topic is revealed on the event date to guarantee equal chances to all participants. The projects will be judged by a jury of recognised business figures. The organisers have provided for three winning places with monetary prizes. The current prize pool amounts to 8,000.00 PLN.



Contrary to what one might expect, the event is not addressed to programmers only. Knowledge of business, project management or graphics will come in handy too. An important thing is that participants are not left alone with this difficult task; mentors or business figures (e.g. business analyses, project managers, developers, trainers, business managers, marketing managers and designers) are present at the event to support the participating teams with their experience and knowledge.  Projects are evaluated by the jury  consisting of business experts, start-up community representatives and social organisations. Partners support the event by promoting it, providing gadgets, supplying delicious food, organising the chill and relaxation zone while media patrons promote the event in their communities, which is why SYH is well-known to IT communities.

WSEI Campus (Krakow College of Economics and Computer Science),
17, Św. Filipa Street, Europa Pavilion


Kraków Miastem Startupów
Eura 7
Domino’s Pizza
Grota by Królestwo Pierożka
Kraków5020 sp. z o.o.


PWN Moc Wiedzy
Małopolska Inicjatywa Edukacji Cyfrowej



Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Informatyki w Krakowie, Park technologiczny WSEI