The ICE Krakow Congress Centre will host more than 2000 delegates at the EANS European Congress of Neurosurgery in 2028. The event will be held in Poland for the first time ever. It is the effect of negotiations conducted at the ICCA Congress that took place in the facility managed by Kraków5020 in November.

The EANS 2028 Congress in Krakow is a consequence of the ICCA Congress. The Managing Director of EANS is Valentini Amarantidou who participated in the ICCA congress in Krakow on 6-9 November 2022. During the event, a meeting was held, attended by Professor Radosław Rola from the Medical University of Lublin and Symposium Cracoviense President Anna Jędrocha. Thanks to these talks, it was possible to make arrangements and convince EANS authorities that Krakow is an excellent location for such a congress.

‘It was the third time we have applied to organise the event in Krakow. The participation of Ms. Valentini Amarantidou in the ICCA congress turned out to be of key importance. She was able to see our facilities and professionalism in person. This shows that personal attendance of congresses and live contacts are key to building trust between partners and are a decisive component’, this was how Anna Jędrocha described the process of applying for the organisation of the EANS congress.

The European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) was established in Prague in 1971. The purpose of this non-governmental organisation that represents neurosurgeons from Europe is to improve the quality of neurosurgical patient care through training, education and research. The EANS congress takes place in a different European city each year and has never been held in Poland so far, which makes this all the more noteworthy. This success had a few components: strong efforts on the part of the Polish Society of Neurosurgeons (PTN) which has been bidding to host the event for years, and the activities of Symposium Cracoviense strongly supporting the aforementioned society.