After the series of holiday workshops, Kraków Story invites you to another one. You are invited to the Sunday Story, i.e. a new edition of the cycle of workshops taking place in the Wyspiański Pavilion. On 29 January, Agnieszka Sendor, the TASTE section curator, invites you to the first culinary workshop in Krakow Story. It will take place in the Wyspiański Pavilion at 2, All Saints’ Square, at 11.00 am on 29 January. This time, there will be three heroes: Kasia Pilitowska and Bart Suder – chefs from Hummus Amamamusi and the hummus, one of the greatest culinary stars of the Middle East. Admission is free and the registration will open on 23 January. 

Agnieszka Sendor, the culinary section curator in Krakow Story knows that Krakow and Małopolska are not only about the ‘obwarzanek’ bagels: ‘Our region’s heritage is unique and different than others not only because of its history but also thanks to its variety and richness. We can boast 15 regional EU-registered products and more than 200 traditional products on the ministerial list. Products such as ‘obwarzanek’ bagels, Łąckie apples, Suska Sechlońska, Piasczańska sausages and oscypek cheese are inherent part of the culinary traditions of Krakow and Małopolska. But this is not all, we will look for new flavours, inspirations and producers, i.e. residents of our region who manufacture and often reconstruct historical recipes while giving them unconventional forms’, Aga Sendor, who invited famous Krakow hummus creators to this year’s first workshop in Krakow Story, stressed.

Kasia Pilitowska and Bart Suder are the owners and chefs of the Hummus Amamamusi hummusija. There, in the heart of Krakow’s Kazimierz district, they serve breakfasts inspired by Middle Eastern and Jewish cuisine all day long and delicious hummus in a dozen flavours. They say that this is not only a restaurant but also a district club and a breeding ground for urban grassroots movements. They get involved in local matters, support small businesses in the district, organise fundraisers, signature collections, submit projects to the Civic Budget, and when war broke out in Ukraine they set up the Soup for Ukraine initiative to support the refugees with food. Above all, however, they have been making hummus since 2012, which is the source of extremely tasty urban legends. During the workshop in Krakow Story on 29 January, they will let out the secret about their hummus made with local produce.

Kasia and Bart have been running hummus-making workshops for several years, both in the classic version and as vegetarian and vegan snacks. These snacks are not complicated so that participants, who are at different levels of culinary initiation, can use them in the future and have fun at the same time.

The workshop will  take place in Kraków Story in the Wyspiański Pavilion at 2, All Saints’ Square, at 11.00 am on 29 January. Admission is free and the distribution of tickets to the event will start on 23 January.  All the events in Kraków Story are brought to you by the city of Kraków and Kraków5020.

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