Jewellery is essentially useless objects. They are small chunks of metal or stones, so valued and desired by people for mysterious reasons… But are these reasons really so mysterious? Of the many creations of human hands, it is jewellery that tells the most stories. You will have an opportunity to hear them in the Wyspiański Pavilion on 23 April during the next meeting of the Hero Story.

Emotions, fantasies, feelings and a whole cosmos of stories are encapsulated in the precise trinkets. It is perhaps the closest thing to magic we know. Creators from the TODORO studio know this all too well. For them, creating jewellery is an area where points of view class and different imaginations meet. They invite designers who focus their creativity and craftsmanship on jewellery, as well as artists from other art fields whose ideas are incorporated by jewellers. Such cooperations can bring unexpected results and often spark innovation and imagination. This is why the door to the Todoro studio are always wide open to experimentation.

The door to Krakow Story is open just as widely, which is why a fair of the TODORO jewellery brand will take place in the Wyspiański Pavilion on 23 April. The latest collection, i.e. the Yōkai series, will have its premiere at the fair. In Japanese, Yōkai is a mysterious creature, something with no name or definition. Yōkai were the response of the ancient Japanese people that explained unknown phenomena, elements of reality they did not understand. The latest Yōkai collection has many different shapes and each element within the collection has its individuality. Natural stones magically enliven rings and necklaces.

The TODORO jewellery is made mainly of natural resources such as precious metal and minerals. High quality of the materials and workmanship is important – it allows the objects to stay unchanged and weave their story over the years. Their production is largely based on closed cycles, as silver and gold are materials that are easily recovered and recycled.

POP UP/ TODORO jewellery brand fair

Kraków Story/Wyspiański Pavilion, 2, All Saints’ Square

12.00pm – 2.00pm, 23.04, free admission