This noble story has been continued for nearly seven decades. Sanel promotes cooperative ideas by producing recognised products and also providing jobs and making rehabilitation possible to blind and partially sighted people. During the meeting in Kraków Story we will not only take a closer look at the stories of the people involved in the cooperative but also listen to advice on the maintenance of clothes or shoes. The Hero Story meeting will take place in the Wyspiański Pavilion on 29 June.



It is a thoroughly Krakow story, which is a natural reason for pride. The Krakow Bling People’s Cooperative SANEL was established in 1952. Sanel is a sheltered workplace and the main reason for its establishment was to offer jobs and make rehabilitation possible for the blind and partially sighted. The first General Meeting of Founders was held on 25 July 1952, which opened the history of the Cooperative. The founder and the first president was Władysław Poleski who was blind. At the initial stage of operations, all jobs were done manually in various locations in Krakow.

Sanel pursues a policy of social responsibility in employing blind and partially sighted people, ensuring their appropriate functioning in their working environment and in the society. It supports the rehabilitation and professional development of the disabled daily. The Cooperative currently employs approximately 200 people, most of them blind or partially sighted.


At the meeting in Kraków Story, it will be possible to learn more about the operation of the Cooperative and about the stories of the blind who make many products for it and see their production process. Additionally, all participants in the Hero Story meeting in the Wyspiański Pavilion will be able to get advice on which products to choose for the maintenance of footwear, clothes and house cleaning.

Hero Story: Sanel

Kraków Story, 2 All Saints’ Square

2 pm, 29 June

Free admission