Drinkers for guests or the use of rainwater in the toilets are examples of sustainability solutions used in the conference venues of the Power of 4 agreement.

The agreement brings together 4 major conference venues: the Conference Centre at the Copernicus Science Centre, the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, the Lublin Conference Centre and the European Solidarity Centre and provides an opportunity for broader customer outreach, joint marketing and communication activities.

The latest Power of 4 initiative is the development of a carbon footprint calculator for participants and event organisers. During the meeting at ICE Kraków in August, representatives of venues from Gdańsk, Kraków, Lublin and Warsaw developed an initial concept for a tool that would make it possible to determine the environmental impact of an event in a simple, intuitive way.

The data obtained in this way will also be used for measures to reduce food waste, water consumption, etc.

The green trend, i.e. the MICE industry’s commitment to sustainable projects, is increasingly becoming an important criterion for the selection of a venue, especially by corporate partners. This is linked, among other things, to EU regulations requiring non-financial ESG reporting by companies.