In mid-June, Gamescape started the cooperation with InfoKrakow responsible for the tourist and cultural information in Krakow. The Kraków5020 municipal company is the operator of information centres.



Good practice of cooperation


The purpose of the agreement is the cooperation in the development and promotion of tourism and leisure activities in Krakow. The cooperation between Gamescape and InfoKrakow is a model example of good practices, knowledge exchange and entrepreneurship support as part of the Krakow Network platform, an initiative bringing together institutions, representatives of entities from the MICE industry and enterprises of Małopolska associated with tourism, the incentive sector and entertainment.

‘We have long been looking for opportunities to reach potential customers in the urban space of Krakow. Thanks to the commitment to the activities being part of the Krakow Network platform, we could develop an agreement with InfoKraków, the operator of the largest network of information centres for domestic and foreign tourists that is most recognisable in the city. This is how we created the solution to expand the coverage and accessibility of our services and offering space to share knowledge and experience with other enterprises’,  Elżbieta Zwolak, a co-owner of Gamescape, said.

Reservations and tickets in InfoKrakow centres

Tourist information centres will provide information on the Gamescape offer, an opportunity to buy tickets to stationary puzzle rooms or book one of the 5 location-based games available in Krakow. Tickets and bookings will be sold via InfoKraków centres in the following locations:

InfoKraków ul. Powiśle 11

InfoKraków ul. św. Jana 2

InfoKraków ul. Szpitalna 25

InfoKraków ul. Józefa 7

InfoKraków Sukiennice

InfoKraków os. Zgody 7

InfoKraków Wyspiański Pavilion (Kraków Story concept store).

The InfoKraków network was established in 2004 and since 2022 has been operating as part of the Kraków5020 organisational structure. Its main purpose is to manage the comprehensive, integrated tourist and cultural information system. The network offers end-to-end services to domestic and foreign tourists and to the residents of Krakow. It also operates a business with the aim of partial self-financing. For more info, see:


Gamescape was established in Krakow in 2015. Its mission is to combine education with entertainment to unleash talents and potentials, integrating teams by activating cooperation, using logical thinking and working under the pressure of time. It is one of the largest companies in the Polish escape room sector and one of the oldest ones in Krakow. For more than 8 years the Gamescape team has been designing location-based and object-based games, as well as positive escape room style entertainment – Adventure Rooms – in a stationary, mobile and online format, for individual clients and organised groups.

Gamification, storyline suspense and modern augmented reality technology are permanent elements of the experience offered. Gamescape creators have a track record of over 14 puzzle rooms built, more than 270 location-based games played and 25 thousand people have already experienced what they offer. Among other things, Gamescape is a co-author of the Philharmonics Escape Room, a prestigious project organised for the Krakow Philharmonics, as well as a winner of the Dream Gallery project of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage ( For more information about Gamescape see: