At 11.00am  on Sunday 30 April come with us for a walk towards Tyniec. Together we will learn the story of the meadows of Krakow and their gifts. And then, with the help of fermentation and brewing, we will spin the tale further. We will identify, name and learn how to make use of the spring gifts of nature during our tour. After that, we will go to the Wyspiański Pavilion to make preserves together.

We would like to invite you to the first meeting of the new series – ‘Chodź na story’ (Come for a Story), a spring stroll along the Krakow meadows and a workshop on making herbal preserves with aromatherapist and florist Iwona Sulik. We meet in the Wyspiański Pavilion at 11.00 am on 30 April to go to Krakow meadows together. We will go in the direction of Tyniec on city transport in search of blooming flowers, greening leaves and herbs.

Our trip will take place regardless of the weather! Herbs and flowers are harvested just as well in the sun as in the rain! If it rains wear your wellingtons, take your umbrellas and cloaks and let’s go on an expedition together. During our tour, we will collect fragrant gifts of nature, from which we will then create our tea compositions. We will return to the Pavilion with full baskets to learn about the secrets of fermenting and brewing of herbs and teas.

The workshop will be conducted by aromatherapist and florist Iwona Sulik (Sulik Studio). This is what she wrote about herself: I’ve been lucky to have found my path and I feel good following it. My everyday life is about creating and beautifying space: with flowers, plants and decorations. Decorating and artistic creation have been with me all my life. My fascination with the visual aspect and the power of flowers has opened up a wider space for me to see man in nature. I realised that aromas and essences harmonise and support our bodies and senses while the spirit is uplifted too. In my workshops in Studio Sulik, I share my knowledge of floristry and flower essences.

Exploration, travel, curiosity about life and the pursuit of well-being have led me to the path of drawing knowledge from the areas of Eastern medicine and astrology, information medicine and sound therapy.

Come for a story or Krakow meadows and preserves made of their gifts with Iwona Sulik

Kraków Story/Wyspiański Pavilion, 2, All Saints’ Square

11.00am – 2.00pm, 30.04

Tickets (PLN 20) available from 12.00 in Kraków Story