Regular strolls are a feast for the body. However, things can always be better so we invite you for a literary stroll that will also be a feast for the spirit. At noon on 18 June, we will hit the road with Łukasz Wojtusik, the curator of the Literature section in Kraków Story. Wojtusik will tell us about his literary choices, about books included in the Kraków Story selection. Participation in the stroll is free and Szyszkodar will be the special guest.

Łukasz Wojtusik is a man of words. He is a journalist who has been associated with the radio for years and specifically since Jerzy Dudek defended in the Champions League final. He is the author of the literary podcast Alfabet Wojtusika, a winner of the awards of the Journalists of Małopolska for the best cultural journalist, cooperates with many cultural institutions and co-authored three interview books. He has a good life, a superb wife and two sons, books, a dog, a cat, a small collection of icons and his Camino because, as he admits, he has learned most things on the road. The journey along the literary trails of Alfabet Wojtusika in Krakow will begin at noon in Kraków Story at the Wyspiański Pavilion. This will be where Łukasz Wojtusik, the literary curator of the place, will present his choices – the books included in the Kraków Story selection.

From the Wyspiański Pavilion, we will go to Bracka Street where De Revolutionibus Books bookshop operated for many years.  There, Łukasz will talk frankly about his cooperation with bookshop owners in Krakow, reveal how guests are invited to a podcast and what the recording is like. The next stop on the route of our stroll will be in Kazimierz where we will try to have a peek into the bookshop of the Austeria publishing house in 16, Szeroka Street. From there, we will walk to the main office of the Lokator publishing house, which is also the Lokator bookshop-café in Mostowa Street.

On our way we will be joined by Szyszkodar, a man who saves books and gives them the second life; Szyszkodar promised to ride his cargo bike, which he uses to distribute books around the city. With Michał Klimczyk we will go from Kazimierz to Podgórze where the De Revolutionibus Books bookshop operates in its new venue at 8, Podgórski Market Square. If we are lucky, perhaps we will manage to talk to the boss of the place, Milena Gumienny. The stroll will end at the Podgórski Market Square but you will be able to have coffee in the DeRevo bookshop, buy a book and keep talking about literature for a while.

Come for a Story: A literary camino. A stroll through Krakow along the trail of Alfabet Wojtusika (Wojtusik’s Alphabet).


The stroll starts: Kraków Story/Wyspiański Pavilion, 2, All Saints’ Square

Date: noon, 18 June

Participation in the stroll if free.