Another Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) is coming! On 18 February, we will meet in the Potocki Palace as usual to spend some beautiful slow time together. We will talk about the erotic intelligence of Esther Perel, about the plant revolution in our diets and about what we need the tarot for. In addition, we will wake up slowly with yoga and have an evening relaxation with meditation. Kraków5020 is the organiser of the event and KBF is the event’s partner.

Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) will start with the traditional po\wolna pobudka (Slow Waking Up), i.e. a yoga session to be led by Justyna Naborczyk at 9.00 am. The theme of the class will be SANTOSA, or contentment and joy! The skill of remaining ‘here and now’, accepting what we have, the enjoyment of everyday life and the delight of concentrating on the present moment. All this is the foundation of contentment. A sequence of dynamic asanas will move energy in our bodies and release warmth in spite of the outside, still wintry, weather. We will allow ourselves some movement, breathing, freedom and smiles.

Our morning coffee, which you are welcome to attend at 11.00 am will focus around the topic of erotic intelligence. Esther Perel is a renowned psychotherapist, the author of  New York Times’ bestsellers and a podcaster. Her famous TED talks were viewed more than 30 million times and her bestselling books: The State of Affairs and Mating in Captivity were translated into nearly 30 languages. The iconic Mating in Captivity has just been published in Poland – the book encourages, inspires and teaches how to nurture closeness and intimacy in a relationship, also in the event of a crisis.  Aga Kozak will talk to the translator of the book, psychotherapist Magdalena Zielińska and to Paulina Lasak-Ponikło, a psychologist, psychotherapist and sex therapist about the book as well as about the couples therapy and current challenges faced by couples and singles in search of fulfilment and love.

In the afternoon, we will focus on… a revolution. All because January surprised us with the news: Krakow came first in the ranking of European cities with the most attractively priced vegan restaurant offer. Is it possible that the capital city of Małopolska is the city of a plant revolution? We will talk about it at 2.00 pm with those who have started this revolution and with those who are creating it today: Iga Urbańska from Roślinny, Joanna Bereza from Raw Nest, Bartek Kozina and Marta Hausner from K-Udon and Karma Coffee Roasters, and with Paweł Gnatowski from Youmiko.

During the slow interview at 5.00 pm, we will look at the cards and search for the answer to the question: what does the tarot tell us? In Warsaw, tarot tables have appeared in well-known and well-liked cafés, where a political philosopher, among others, puts on tarot. French President François Mitterrand, for example, used the hints coming from the cards when making the most important decisions for the country. Tarot decks were so fascinating to Salvadore Dali that he created one of his own. What is this system that uses, for example, archetypes and psychological work? We will talk about what and how the cards tell us with a religious expert, Małgorzata Alicja Biały, teacher of tarot and personal development Samia from the Escuela Mandragora school and with Dorota Majkowska-Szajer, PhD, an ethnologist, cultural anthropologist and the author of books from the Ethnographic Museum.

We will end, as usual, with the po\relaks at 7.00 pm. This time, it will be a gentle vin yin yoga practice focusing on the chest area ending with the metta meditation, or Loving Kindness meditation. We will look to space for the heart and in the heart, surrounded by music, scents and gentleness. Come to the practice based on kindness and love for yourself and for the world. Classes will be led by a certified yoga and meditation teacher and breath trainer, Dorota Lipczyńska.

The curator of Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) is Aga Kozak, a teacher of good life, mentor, journalist and personal development coach.

Free admission passes will be available separately for each part as of 12.00 pm on 13 February at kbf: tickets. Due to the limited number of places [especially at the Po\wolna pobudka (Slow Waking Up) and po\relaks (After Relaxation)], one person can only collect one ticket. In case you cannot be with us, please LET US KNOW – the waiting list is usually long and your ticket will immediately go into someone else’s lucky hands!

Kraków5020 is the organiser of the event and KBF is the event partner.