We will meet again on 17 June to spend Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) together: to be, breathe, look at one another, learn more and discover new things. At the last Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) before the summer holidays, we will talk about environment-friendly gardening and take a tender look at home archives with Wojciech Nowicki. Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) will also feature a meeting and a workshop with Basia Budniak, relaxing breathwork as part of po\wolna pobudka (slow waking up) and the evening po\relaks (after relaxation). Kraków5020 is the organiser of the event and KBF is the event’s partner.

Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) will begin at 9:00 am with po\wolna pobudka (slow waking up) led by Justyna Kozioł. She describes herself: I am a woman, transmodal breathing trainer at the Breath Institute of Michał Godlewski, writer, storyteller and bodyworker. I breathe, listen, see, love, feel and are interested in people at their various levels and meanders; in their softness, joys, freezing and scars. At the beginning of  Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday), Katarzyna will host ‘Ciałooddychanie’ (Body Breathing), i.e. a relaxing breathing workshop. Most exercises will be done lying down, which is why we encourage everyone to bring blankets or shawls to cover yourself.

At 11.00, we will talk about herbariums, herbs, stalks and plants over the morning coffee. We will meet three guests in whose lives all these elements are extremely important. Bettina Bereś, an artist, creates in MuFo Strzelnica inspired by Monika Kozień’s Projekt Zielnik (Herbarium Project). Monika who inspired the project takes care of a shooting range immersed in greenery, teaches people to be mindful not only of photography but also of the life surrounding them. The third guest will be Marek Styczyński, the author of the recently published book Ogrodnictwo na Trudne Czasy. Ćwiczenia z Permakultury w Europie Środkowej (Gardening for Hard Times. Exercises in Permaculture in Central Europe). The book is an excellent introduction to the gardening that is friendly to the environment, surrounding areas and nature, supports biodiversity and independence.

Po\wolne popołudnie (Slow Afternoon) will traditionally begin at 2 pm. This time, we will talk to Wojciech Nowicki about what memory retention in the form of photographs gives us. Wojciech Nowicki is a writer, a curator of photographic exhibitions and a culinary reviewer. The partner of the Tender Look at Home Archives conversation will be the Foundation for Visual Arts, the organiser of the Krakow Photomonth.

The po\wolna rozmowa (slow conversation) at 5 pm will be with Basia Budniak, an artist and photographer who will host a meeting and workshop on How to take care of your own history in family photography.

Private family photos, those we take using a phone and save on disks that pile up in drawers will be the leitmotif of the meeting and the workshop. The workshop will show how to take care of one’s story saved in images and how to create it so that it could be clear at the time of quickly changing technologies. You are welcome to bring to the meeting your phone, disk or computer on which you store your photos, as well as photos from your family album, which we will use during the workshop. The workshop’s partner is the Foundation for Visual Arts, the organiser of the Krakow Photomonth.

7 pm means the traditional Po\relaks (After Relaxation), which is to be hosted by Karolina Turek this time. Karolina is a yoga instructor whose idea is to pass on the passion for yoga and dance to others, inspire women to take care of themselves and be good to themselves. Karolina will host Slow Vinyasa Yoga sessions, combining simple asanas in slow flowing movement with the rhythm setting the pace through the breath.



The curator of Po\wolna Sobota is Aga Kozak, a teacher of good life, mentor, journalist and personal development coach.

Tickets to the panels at 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm are free. They will be available from noon on 12 June at kbf: tickets and between 10 am and 6 pm in Kraków Story (Wyspiański Pavilion).

Tickets to the workshops (9 am and 7 pm) cost PLN 10 and will be available in Kraków Story (Wyspiański Pavilion) at the same time.

Due to the limited number of places [especially for the Po\wolna pobudka and Po\relaks], one person can only collect one ticket. In case you cannot be with us, please LET US KNOW – the waiting list is usually long and your ticket will immediately go into someone else’s lucky hands!

Kraków5020 is the organiser of the event and KBF is the event’s partner.