Start the New Year with the slow breathing. On 28 January, we will meet again in the Potocki Palace at 20, Main Market Square for the Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) in order to spend some time together in line with the slow life philosophy. As usual, there will be three interviews with our curator Aga Kozak: about fun (from the neurobiological perspective), carnival and ceramics. In addition, there will be the po\wolna pobudka (Slow Waking Up) with the winter yin yoga and an evening workshop to create unique, decorative doilies! Kraków5020 is the organiser of the event and KBF is the event’s partner.

Po\wolna pobudka (Slow Waking Up) at 9.00am will consist of the winter Yin yoga. With the facilitator, Edyta Krawczyńska (Joga Centrum Kraków), we invite you to the practice of Yin yoga based on Chinese medicine. Yin yoga is a calm and passive practice during which we will hold asanas longer than in other styles of yoga. By working on the cold muscles, we will reach the deep tissues and fascia. Yin yoga has a unique influence on the psyche. Confronting ourselves through silence and stillness, and replenishing Yin energy will help to restore balance in the body, mind and soul.

We will start our morning coffee at 11.00 am with the theme of fun because the carnival is fun. Therefore, we will as a neuroscientist from Krakow (Dominika Pikul – MindShift Studio) what effect fun has on our brain and well-being, and what we can expect when our days are filled with excessive seriousness, stress and sadness. We will also talk about the neuroplasticity phenomenon and what to do if we are prone to continuous worrying: are there any practical tools we can use to improve our mood and regain peace of mind?

At 2.00 pm, there will be a not-so-slow afternoon with the carnival, which means not just donuts or faworki (called ‘chrust’ in Krakow) but also local traditions. Wojtek Starowicz, a confectioner from one of Krakow’s best patisseries will talk about how traditional carnival sweets have changed (e.g. to vegan). Krzysztof Jakubowski, an author and expert on the social life of Krakow residents of old, will talk about café and ballroom customs in old Krakow. Magdalena Zych from the Ethnographic Museum will tell us how the carnival used to be celebrated in villages near Krakow, about the blending of town and country traditions, about what carnival was in general, and about its unpleasant face.

During the slow conversation at 5.00 pm, we will talk to creators of ceramics (Manufaktura Porcelany, Ceramika z Lanckorony, Żrem na Talerzach, Trosca). Is ceramics a synonym of slowness and patience? What does it give us and the Krakow ceramics creators to make a vessel with our own hands? Can Krakow become a ceramic Mecca? We will seek answers to these and other questions together with our interviewees.

As always, we will end the event with a po\relaks at 7.00 pm. There will be a workshop with Justyna Mazur-Kiwer (Litograf Studio) during which doilies dyed in natural dyes will be decorated according to your ideas. You will receive stamps: antique ones which are around 100 years old, and also those created today. We will also use live plants. We will print patterns and everyone will go home with a fabric that can be used to elegantly decorate a table or wrap bread in it. The paint to be used during the workshop is permanent.

The curator of Po\wolna Sobota (Slow Saturday) is Aga Kozak, a teacher of good life, mentor, journalist and personal development coach.

Free admission tickets will be available separately for each part as of 12.00 on 13 January at kbf: tickets. Due to the limited number of places [especially at the Po\wolna pobudka (Slow Waking Up) and po\relaks (After Relaxation)], one person can only collect one ticket. In case you cannot be with us, please LET US KNOW – the waiting list is usually long and your ticket will immediately go into someone else’s lucky hands! Kraków5020 is the organiser of the event and KBF is the event’s partner.