The Open Eyes Economy Summit International Congress of the Economy of Values is a unique event in this part of the world, a one-of-a-kind economic congress during which we prove that business and the economy not only can but also should be based on social values.

The distinctive feature of the summit is its own unique Open Eyes philosophy stating the need to build a responsible civil society, demanding responsibility also from businesses and administrations. We illustrate real benefits for the people and the environment resulting from the focus on sustainable development, attendance to social needs, implementation of changes and the introduction of innovations. The year 2022 will see us talking for the seventh time about the economy of values and businesses for which values are not only a decoration or an addition but rather constitute the foundation and compass of business activities and consumer choices. OEES 7 will take place on 22-23 November 2022 in the ICE Congress Centre in Krakow as well as online via the special streaming platform The GAP Foundation organises the event and Krakow5020 is a partner of the project.

This year, our main focus will be on the economic credibility of the state and enterprises and its impact on the economy. We will address the issue of human rights in business, take a closer look at the needs of employees as highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic and consider how to build and enhance a positive employee experience in the work environment. We will continue to discuss the social and institutional aspects of urban regeneration in the face of climate challenges and what youth- and senior citizen-friendly cities should look like. We will also tackle concepts such as “design-thinking” and co-creation in the development of public services and empathic organisations. We will discuss in detail the aspects of financing the Green Deal and face challenges resulting from its introduction or the lack of it. Obviously, the extremely important topic of our neighbours from across the eastern border will also be discussed. Together with Ukrainian experts, we will discuss challenges faced by Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe in restoring the international order in our special track entitled Open Eyes to Ukraine. We will consider how to effectively address current economic, social and cultural problems.