Krakow5020 promotes the city and strengthens its brand as a modern European metropolis. How can we decode this sentence? We attract large events to Krakow, e.g. congresses and conferences. We persuade companies that, with its excellent human and scientific resources, Krakow is the best business location. Wisely implemented tourism policies entail more funds for the development of the city, its infrastructure and services. Additionally, Krakow5020 takes care to balance the needs of residents and tourists.

Krakow is a modern European metropolis that is attractive, open and tolerant, a city with the global cultural heritage and a thriving academic centre. We in Krakow5020 know it and do everything for the world to learn about it too. ‘Institutions and companies offering end-to-end image management operate in the largest European cities such as London, Hamburg, Brussels, Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam and Madrid. Krakow5020 treats their experience as the starting point to create innovative solutions for our city’, Izabela Błaszczyk, Krakow5020 President, said during the debate entitled The importance of culture for business attractiveness of cities that took place as part of the Corporate Cultural Responsibility Week in Łódź.

We take care of the city’s image using a number of tools: the ICE Krakow Congress Centre and the hybrid studio located there, the VOD PLAY KRAKOW city platform with the live program broadcast on it, projects such as Krakow Network and Power of 4, cycles such as ICE Classic, Dzień dobry ICE Krakow and Po\wolna sobota. We are also in charge of the Krakow Story showroom in the Wyspiański Pavilion and the InfoKrakow Official City Information Network.

ICE Krakow

Krakow5020 became the operator of the Wyspiański Pavilion and the ICE Krakow Congress Centre on 1 September.  ICE Krakow is a recognisable venue appreciated by the meetings industry in Europe as proven by its many awards and distinctions. ICE Krakow has become an end-to-end event centre by launching a hybrid studio according to the recommendation of the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), a global organisation of the meetings industry players. Having such a studio is the current international standard and the foundation of the competitive edge on the market of meetings and events. Thanks to it, Krakow found itself among the key players of the European MICE market.

Since its opening in 2014, the ICE Krakow Congress Centre was visited by 1.35 million guests who participated in more than 1100 different events. 600 of them were cultural events and concerts; however, the city and its residents benefit most from congresses and conferences such as the 61st International Congress of ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association). The event attracted 900 members from more than 80 countries, including 70 members of international associations and numerous PCO and DMC representatives looking for destinations for their events. They had an opportunity to see the city and make sure that its congress infrastructure and technical facilities are up to the best standards. The professional organisation of the event is the best recommendation and a reason to come back to Krakow. This is an extremely important factor for the city where approximately 15% residents live off tourism. A large number of congresses also translates into more revenue for the municipal budget from taxes on service providers, which in turn entails benefits for residents such as more money for public transport, road repairs and more places in municipal kindergartens.

Krakow Network

The purpose of the Krakow Network initiative is to create a strong group of entities representing various sectors of tourism whose actions will contribute to an increase in the number of business events taking place in the capital city of Małopolska. These days, Krakow Network brings together more than 500 active representatives of the meetings industry in Krakow.  ‘It is difficult to imagine a tool better than Krakow Network to build Krakow’s image on the basis of a cooperation and partnership network.  It is the tool that allowed us to survive the difficult time of the pandemic, thanks to which we completed very important projects such as the Krakow Network Protocol and the Sustainable development policy of the ICE Krakow Congress Centre.

It will also help us face new challenges such as focusing on sustainability’, Paula Fanderowska, Krakow5020 Vice-President stressed.

Krakow: the city of innovation and diversity

Krakow5020 is the permanent partner of events organised by #OMGKRK, an initiative that has been bringing together Krakow’s start-up community for many years. It informs and educates, is a source of latest news from the local community of start-ups, enterprises and the IT industry. The cooperation has inspired the Meet the Innovation campaign promoting the image of Krakow as a business-friendly city.

Krakow5020 has also completed the Stories |5020 cycle presenting lives of Krakow expats, showing that the capital city of Małopolska is not only a popular destination for tourists but also an attractive place for business or professional development.

Krakow5020 and KBF: cultural cooperation

KBF, a municipal institution of culture, is a natural partner of projects such as ICE Classic or Dzień Dobry ICE Krakow. The cooperation with KBF is about the exchange of experiences and joint projects such as the October concert of ICE Classic, Dzień dobry ICE Krakow or the Po\wolna Sobota project. Krakow5020 and KBF have also developed a cooperation model involving the joint organisation of events.

Further important projects and activities promoting tourism

As of November this year, Krakow5020 has been managing the InfoKrakow Official Municipal Information Network including the Tourist Services Centre – Powiśle 11, the centres in Sukiennice, ICE Krakow and at the Balice International Airport; in 25, Szpitalna Street; 7, Józefa Street; 2, Św. Jana Street and 7, Zgody Street. Ultimately, the company will take on the management of the Planeta Lem Literature and Language Centre.

‘Our role is to take care of every tourist regardless of whether they come for a day for business reasons or for a longer stay to see historical monuments and take advantage of attractions on offer. We are committed to facilitating communication that builds mutual trust and encourages repeat visits’, Izabela Błaszczyk, Krakow5020 President stressed.

Direct communication with foreign tourists can be made easier thanks to the innovations emerging in the city. Krakow5020 has established the cooperation with Vasco Electronics, a producer of electronic translators. Such translators will be used by employees of the ICE Krakow Congress Centre during the execution of international events, by employees of InfoKrakow centres and in Krakow hotels associated with the Krakow Network initiative.

Figures showing the influence of Krakow5020 activities on the city’s GDP will be available next year. However, we already know that we have managed to establish many valuable contacts and partnerships that will pay off in the years to come.