Welcome to Krakow Story. As of today, local creators, artists, designers and authors will be presenting their works in the Wyspiański Pavilion. Not only regional cuisine, crafts, fashion, art, handicraft, literatures and music but also numerous workshops and meetings with interesting personalities await local visitors and tourists. It is here, in the centre of Krakow, that you will be able to get the entire information about the city and discover the people who make up contemporary Krakow. You are invited to co-create a new story about the city every day from 11.00 to 19.00. You can come and watch, listen, read and take a part of Krakow home. The city of Krakow and Krakow5020 invite you to Krakow Story.

Creators presented in the Wyspiański Pavilion include Mateusz Kołek (graphics), Krakow Glassworks, “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, Wooden Story, Ceramics from Lanckorona, Miody Morawskich Apiary, Lavendziarnia Stoki 6, Tłocznia Maurer and many others.

‘The contemporary story and image of Krakow is being ‘written’ today right in front of our eyes. It is created daily by artists, local craftspeople and entrepreneurs who apply their passion to create a new image of the city. Therefore, we invite both residents and tourists to get to know these unique authors, designers, writers, musicians and baristas. They are experts in their respective areas who focus on quality and uniqueness. We have just created the space we give them in its entirety. It is open every day. This space is welcoming creators, residents and tourists. This is why we enrich it with open workshops. Especially now, before the holidays, they are worth participating to learn how to pack gifts beautifully’, Izabela Błaszczyk, Krakow5020 Management Board President, assures.

We have asked curators to select products. Each of them is responsible for the area they know best. Journalist Aga Kozak is the program curator who is also responsible for the lifestyle section. Fashion designer Pat Guzik is responsible for all the fashion creators. Agnieszka Sendor, a co-founder of the famous fishery farm Pstrąg Ojcowski from Ojców, selected foods from the entire voivodeship for Krakow Story . As many as 16 coffee roasting companies from Krakow will be systematically available to the visitors; Filip Bartelak, a Polish expert in coffee quality assessment is sourcing them. Łukasz Wojtusik, a culture journalist, author of “Alfabet Wojtusika”, is responsible for the literature section. And Daniel Cichy, Director and Chief Editor of Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne (Polish Music Publishing House) is the curator of the music category.

‘It seems to me that Krakow Story reflects the diversity of Krakow talents; it is modern and also immersed in the tradition that we are writing anew in contemporary contexts. It is a place to discover contemporary artists and craftspeople from Krakow. My selection will include paper goods and ceramics, made with great care, will be wooden toys drawn from the rich Krakow tradition and found, for example, in MOMA museum shops as well as works of Krakow illustrators and artists made to order for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house. Some of these things will cost a few zlotys and some will be meant for those with deeper pockets’, Aga Kozak, the Program Curator of Krakow Story and the curator of the lifestyle section explains.



In addition to handicrafts, cosmetics, fashion and fine art, culture (music and literature) and cuisine will occupy a large part of the Krakow Story area. Agnieszka Sendor, the curator of the culinary section argues about Krakow and Małopolska are not only about bagels.  ‘The heritage of our region is unique and stands out not only because of its history but also thanks to its diversity and abundance. We can boast 15 regional EU-registered products and more than 200 traditional products on the ministerial list. Products such as bagels, Łąckie apples, Suska Sechlońska, Piasczańska sausages and the oscypek cheese are inherent part of the culinary traditions of Krakow and Małopolska. But this is not all, we will look for new flavours, inspirations and producers, i.e. residents of our region who manufacture and often reconstruct historical recipes while giving them unconventional forms. Krakow Story is a place where we will cultivate the tradition and present it to both residents and tourists.

Literary stories could not be missing from Krakow Story. Stories will be added systematically and Łukasz Wojtusik is responsible for their selection. ‘In Krakow Story, you will encounter books with awards won in competitions, stories written from the perspective of a bicycle saddle, there will be poetry, herstories and comics. The variety of genres and themes will be considerable. I focus on those stories that work through language, through the narrative, through their treatment of the subject and open us up to encountering something different, for example a different Krakow. Not all authors of the books that can be found in Krakow Story are local residents. Some of them look for inspiration in this city, write about it and take handfuls from it, basing literary fiction on its past and present’, the curator explains.

Krakow Story is open from 11.00 to 19.00 for seven days a week. The upcoming workshops, for example, on the scents of Krakow, on how to make folk straw mobiles (decorations), lithography or table decorations among others, will be led by local artists. The current information and planned events will be published on Krakow Story social media profiles. Facebook and Instagram