You don’t know how to help, you’re looking for the necessary phone numbers, you want to become a volunteer? The editors of PLAY KRAKÓW NEWS present the most up-to-date news for the residents of Kraków every day. We show you how we unite and do impossible things. Watch every day at 6:00 PM, free of charge at

The information is conveyed in two languages: Polish for residents of Kraków and Ukrainian for new residents from Ukraine. On the website, we present the most up-to-date information on ongoing collections of donations and specific needs in Kraków, data on accommodation bases, discounts and solutions prepared for refugees, free classes and established kindergartens or nurseries. Kraków has just become home to many Ukrainian citizens thanks to its residents.

“We see the significant commitment of the residents. Thousands of fundraisers, groups on social media, huge solidarity. Our goal is to organise information about all activities. But we also want to place emphasis on a completely different aspect. We want to help Cracovians who are asking themselves many questions today: what can I do, who can I talk about this with, how long will this situation last?” explains President Jacek Majchrowski. That is why guests also participate in the program. In addition to local government officials, there are psychologists who explain to residents how to deal with this situation, and suggest how to talk to children about the war. We also host experts who inform you about how to catch out false information so as not to join unverified fundraisers.

“In addition to the first and main goal, i.e. informing where and what help they can look for in their new city, what discounts and solutions are available, where to find accommodation, we also try to encourage them. Weekend episodes of PLAY KRAKÓW NEWS have a slightly less newsworthy character and invite you to conversations on various topics, the common denominator of which is Ukraine. We have also managed to establish cooperation with the portal edited by Ukrainians, which has recognised our editions as valuable in content and encourages you to watch PLAY KRAKÓW NEWS via its social media,” adds Izabela Błaszczyk, President of Kraków5020, manager of PLAY KRAKÓW NEWS.

PLAY KRAKÓW NEWS shows what is happening at the border, how Kraków’s residents and authorities are involved in helping and presents the latest information. The editors who run the program from the ICE Kraków Congress Centre also introduce those who, in recent days, have been involved in providing help, mobilising family, friends and acquaintances, as well as uniting strangers. This is the time to document great strength and solidarity.