You are invited to the Hero Story, i.e. a cycle of meetings taking place in the Wyspiański Pavilion. A workshop on jewellery creation will take place in Kraków Story at 16.00 on 13 April. The workshop will be led by Katarzyna Łepecka, the author of the Ż culinary blog and the creator of original jewellery under the Żrem na talerzach brand. In addition to the workshop, a product fair from Żrem na talerzach will take place in the Wyspiański Pavilion.

‘Put your phones away, get up from your desks and make biscuit brooches with us. We will wait for you in Kraków Story on Thursday with clay and tools ready to disenchant the snowy spring! We will dry and fire your brooches, and then deliver them to Kraków Story. Everyone will be able to receive their work. We are waiting for all those fantastic people who do not like to be bored and are not afraid to get dirty’, Katrzyna Łepecka encouraged.

This brand is a linguistic puzzle. Is it the name of a place? No, there is no Żrem on any map of Małopolska. Maybe this is about cuisine? Our linguistic authority from Krakow, Michał Rusinek, would probably say that this is a very colloquial way of saying ‘I feed myself using selected items of tableware’. Are we closer to its essence?

Yes, in a way. Żrem na talerzach is a creative and fluid continuation of Ż, a culinary blog run by Katarzyna. Cooking and culinary photography have led her to ceramics. Żrem na talerzach is a small artisan studio where unique products are made. Each of the projects is unique, handcrafted with its own design. Brooches bearing women’s names, ceramic pins in the form of animals, flowers and objects of daily use are only a few examples of products made in this special studio.

The workshop is free but places are limited.

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