The premiere of a new version of the program designed for the purpose of an unconventional promotion of Krakow will take place at 6 p.m. on 12 December. The Hello Krakow program produced by the city company Krakow5020 will appear on the PLAY KRAKOW multimedia platform. Żyjemy tym miastem dla Ciebie (We live this city for you) is the slogan of the campaign accompanying the launch.

The premiere of a new and final edition of the Hello Krakow multimedia project of the city of Krakow will take place on 12 December in Krakow. A campaign in the city and online will accompany the online program. Journalists and hosts known from the earlier edition of the project (PLAY KRAKOW NEWS) will take part in it.

The Hello Krakow format results from the consistent development of the multimedia project initiated by the VOD Play Krakow platform where institutions of culture were able to public their productions during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the epidemic threat had passed the team resumed the designing of a program to tell the story of the city, promote it and monitor city life. The outbreak of the war in Ukraine once again forced a change in the Company’s plans so it decided to use the resources it had already gathered and immediately launched PLAY KRAKOW NEWS, an online editorial reporting on the situation in Krakow for our Ukrainian guests among others. In the meantime, the team worked on the target format, i.e. Hello Krakow. The program will be carried out in the state-of-the-art hybrid studio located in the ICE Krakow Congress Centre operated by Krakow5020.

‘The studio is ready, there is a permanent editorial team and producers, we have the necessary experience and interesting plans. We contribute all this to Hello Krakow’, Izabela Błaszczyk, Krakow5020 Management Board President, says. ‘We are preparing it with residents of the city, visitors, business people and those who watch it from afar in mind. Hello Krakow will present local initiatives, traditions characteristic for our region and also the modern face of the city and its residents to be proud of. All these aspects are part of the New Hospitality strategy that guides the city’s promotional activities’, Izabela Błaszczyk comments.

The program will be hosted in pairs by Anna Hebda and Piotr Wojdyło who are already known to the audience and by a new duet of hosts. The program line-up also includes the presentation of weather forecasts. Hello Krakow will be broadcast at 6.00 p.m. from Monday through Friday on the Play Kraków multimedia platform. The program will include various journalistic formats and discussions in the parlour zone, a stage for artists and a dynamic visual design. The project is accompanied by extensive satellite channels on social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Krakow5020, the operator of ICE Krakow and the hybrid studio located in it, is a municipal company established by the President of the City of Krakow responsible for the building and management of the city’s image and its promotion in cooperation with numerous partners. The main objective is to strengthen the brand of Krakow as a European metropolis that is attractive, open and tolerant, a city with the global cultural heritage and a thriving academic centre. Business co-ordinates and new hospitality are the buzzwords underlying the idea of Krakow’s development in areas such as the economy, innovation, science and culture. The company is also responsible for the city platform VOD PLAY KRAKOW, PLAY KRAKOW NEWS, projects such as the Krakow Network and Power of 4, the ICE Classic and Good Morning ICE Krakow cycles, the management of a concept store in the Wyspiański Pavilion and the InfoKrakow Official Municipal Information Network. The name of Krakow5020 refers to the location of the city that lies at the intersection of the 50ºN parallel of latitude with the 20ºE meridian.