On April 2, a perfume with a scent symbolizing Cracow had its premiere. The creator of the perfume is Jakub Pietrynka, owner of JMP Artisan Perfumes.


What would Krakow smell like if encased in a bottle? It is already known that the fragrance combines the scent of ivy, leather, grass and water notes. Author is Jakub Pietrynka, an independent Polish perfumer and founder of the JMP Artisan Perfumes brand.

“As a graduate of tourism and recreation, and a fan of hiking, I begin my adventure in the heart of Krakow by the Wawel Castle (ivy grows there, which is the foundation of the head note). Like most tourists on a tour of the city, I shuffled toward Kazimierz, where the Sunday fair is underway. My attention was caught by old hippie leather bags, which in my opinion smell nostalgic. After a slightly longer walk through Krakowska Street, Grodzka Street, and the Market Square, the next point of the walk is a march around the Blonia (green notes, grass, etc.). At the end of the walk I return to the Vistula River, where I sip coffee on a barge and enjoy the water notes” – explains Jakub Pietrynka, polish perfumer.

“From London, to Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Beijing, and New York. Great metropolises also build their brand creation through unique fragrances. I’m very happy that Krakow can also boast perfumes inspired by the city. Especially since they were created by a local artist who was able to build an interesting story about the city around the fragrance itself” – explains Izabela Blaszczyk, president of the Krakow5020 company, responsible for promoting Krakow.

The new product is available for purchase since the day of the launch (April 2) at the Kraków Story  at the Wyspianski Pavilion.

After that, it will also be available at the Lulua perfumery on 22 Józefa St. The fragrance will also be available for purchase in Katowice, Warsaw, Sopot, Pszczyna, as well as Sweden, Romania and the USA. The Krakow fragrance is a perfume extract, which will be available in two capacities: 30 ml and 15 ml.