BE MY GUEST – Become a New Hospitality Leader is the first educational and inspirational event on this scale dedicated to pupils, students and young professionals in the HOSPITALITY industry organised by the Hotelmania Association. Everybody is invited to the ICE Krakow Congress Centre on 24.10.2022.

The association promoting the education of pupils, students, teachers, HoReCa professionals, Travel and MICE HOTELMANIA notice the need to build awareness of one great hospitality industry on which hotel, catering, travel and event organisation industries, commodity sale and premium services are based. The main thought underlying the establishment of the association and the organisation of the event was: ‘A HOTEL – home to a thousand professions/HOSPITALITY – an industry with millions of opportunities’.

The BE MY GUEST – Become a New Hospitality Leader event fully implements the values and goals of the association, i.e.

    connecting the world of pupils/students and young professionals with the world of mature business. From the very first days of their involvement in education or work, we would like participants in the hospitality market to be able to establish business relations, improve dialogue thanks to which the door to new opportunities opens. We also invite the current market leaders to join us so that, through the culture of their organisations, their willingness to share their teams’ success stories, help offered to the youngest ones – the leaders of new hospitality – they will encourage them to get in touch, ask questions and become heroes worth following

    Connecting the world of all representatives of the HoReCa, Travel and MICE industries mainly with a focus on developing the key competences of the youngest generation and the awareness that we are all responsible for the quality of the future hospitality-based educational and business environment.

    Connecting pupils, students and young professionals with an environment in which international development opportunities are created for them such as internships, competitions or grants thanks to which they can be even more inspired to develop and increase their commitment to conscious professional development. The BE MY GUEST – Become a New Hospitality Leader event is also an excellent opportunity to invite and attract all participants in the hospitality market to values that coincide perfectly with the mission of our partner Krakow5020. Innovativeness, networking of entities from different industries and areas, building the image of the city in the case of Krakow5020 and the image of the profession in the case of the Hotelmania Association. We believe that the method, tools and practices on which our partner bases the guarantee of the city’s economic development can and even should be held up as role models in the community we are building.

The first BE MY GUEST – Become a New Hospitality Leader will be the foundation for further editions, which will always combine top-quality content and inspiration, excellent entertainment and a finale in the form of concerts by the most sought-after artists (Michał Szczygieł’s concert during the first edition), ample space for networking and personalities and brands keen to create opportunities for development and venues with unique aesthetics. The event will also serve as the basis and preview for all 4 key projects of the Association:

    BE MY GUEST as a cyclical event with a varied focus;
    Hotelmania Worldtour – meetings with schools (about 40 online meetings so far) and the organisation of micro-internships for most committed students in hospitality schools (11 micro-internships so far)

    Hotelmania Worldtour International – this year with a finale of a week’s internship in Japan for 2 successful candidates to which Izabela Niewdzięczna and Szymon Woźniczka will go on 04.11.2022
    Laboratory of the 21st century (LAB21) – a laboratory project in schools cooperating with the Association. In addition to pupils and students, the group of those interested in participating in BE MY GUEST – Become a New Hospitality Leader
    will include young professionals for whom a professional career in the hospitality industry has just begun or is developing in a new role, e.g. after a recent promotion. It can be an excellent reward from the employer for those who have just started their careers and already stand out in their teams;

    Those who have just been promoted to a new position or feel that they have been stuck in a rut for a while and need something new or an idea on how to direct their professional development will find a great deal of knowledge and inspiration there;

    Professionals – leaders for whom values related to building the organisational culture based on continuous development are most important. The possibility of a partnership will be particularly appreciated by business and academic recruiters.