Ella Zubrowska and Antonina Kondrat: although they seemingly differ a lot, modern baroque jewellery and ‘Japanese’ minimalist clothing correspond perfectly.. This Sunday, 21 May, another edition of the ‘Hero Story’ will be held in Kraków Story starting at 12.00. Both Krakow artists will present their products during the fair in the Wyspiański Pavilion.

Ella established her brand in Paris in 2018 while inspired by historical elements placed in a contemporary context. Ella who has her studio in Krakow has grown up in a family involved in the performing arts and historic preservation. She has always felt a passion for beautiful objects created with good taste and unique attention to detail. When she decided to create her own, original jewellery, she was driven by the desire to preserve unique ancient techniques and use them in contemporary creation, transforming timeless forms taken from the works of the most eminent artists to create her small works of art. Her bold designs are created for women and men who would like to highlight their independence and courage. Ella’s jewellery is entirely hand-made including the processing and gold-plated in 24 carat gold.

In turn, Antonina Kondrat from Krakow, a graduate from Polish studies at the Jagiellonian University and fashion design at SAPU (School of Art and Fashion Design) has been creating a range of garments on the basis of the kimono pattern: from warm (really warm!) winter coats and jackets to trench coats and rainproof jackets to light silk dresses and jackets. They have no sizes, genders or age. They are comfortable and unique. They are designed and made in Krakow.  According to the etymology of ‘kimono’ (kiru – to put on, mono – a thing), Antonina cares about the functionality and comfort of her outfits – she wants them to dress up but not dress down, to impress but still allow the wearer freedom.  The brand is characterised by its attention to detail, quality and comfort, as well as the uniqueness of its models, which are only made in a few pieces. On Sunday, she will present lightweight coats, mackintoshes, dresses and also, for the first time, shirts.

POP UP/ a brand fair of Antonina Kondrat and Ella Zubrowska

Kraków Story/Wyspiański Pavilion, 2, All Saints’ Square

12.00pm – 6.00pm, 21 May, free admission